The "Kyo's Fan of the Month" Contest!

You saw that enticing banner. You want a piece of it. And who doesn't want to win stuff? (our motto is always FTW)


Spend the most for May 2014 at Kyo's Game Mart and you will level up with a USD 20 Nintendo E Shop Cash Code/ US 20 PSN Cash Code! As in, it's free and you won it. Yeah. No catches here. Ini tara tipu punya. Ini semua betul punya.


So here are my rules:

1. Contest is open to Malaysian Gamers (If you're not a gamer, you should consider to be one).

2. You must open an account at the website, If you don't know how to register, look up on this page and next to the e-mail address. Bam!

3. To qualify, you must purchase as much as you can at Kyo's Game Mart. This will only be limited to physical games, digital cash codes and accessories. Consoles will not be counted as part of the purchase.

4. Contest period is from 1st May 2014 to 31st May 2014

5. THERE CAN ONLY BE 1 WINNER (/ques Highlander lightning). For this May 2014.

6. In the event where you do win, I will use your personal details (full name and photo only) to be displayed as a "Fan of that Month". It's my way of saying thanks for all you've done for me. :)

7. Winner will be announced on 1st June 2014.

8. Winner may choose either the Nintendo E Shop Cash Code or The PSN Cash Code. But they can only choose one.

9. Those who already won before will not be eligible to win for the next 3 months. Kasi chance to others lah. :P


Well then, HOP TO IT!