How to get to and where to stay during the Pokemon ORAS Launch Party!

How to get to and where to stay during the Pokemon ORAS Launch Party!

I know that there’s a great number of people who are interested in coming for the event. But of course, and commonly, the thing that I hear from them isWHY SO FAR?”, “Why can’t you come to my city/state/home?”, “No Money to come lah Kyo.”

Well, here is a special treat for you guys: I am making a list of where you can take from and what are considered to be the best methods to travel to Kuala Lumpur and Berjaya Times Square.

How do I get to Times Square Kyo?

If you’re from the south, here’s my recommendation:


Best Option: Bus ticket. A single trip may cost between RM 35 to 40. Travel time is around 4 and a half hours directly to the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (This is the hub for all bus journeys from the south). This one, you can leave earliest around 7.00AM and arrive by 11.00AM at the terminal. (Which gives you 1 hour to haul yourself to Berjaya Times Square)

Not so comfortable but gives you plenty of time option: KTM Train.
The price ranges from RM 35 to 49 depending if you choose the seat or bed. However, travel time is around 6 hours and 30 minutes to KL Sentral. For Bed option, the time to leave is at 11.30PM (Say lah, Friday) and will arrive by 6.30AM the next day. (6.00AM being earliest).


Best Option: Bus ticket as well. A single trip costs around RM 13.60 and should take less than 2 hours to arrive.  This one is really the best option.

Best Option: Actually, this one I recommend the KTM Komuter first. This may be the better option since you can directly head to KL Sentral without having to change options when reaching to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.


From the North:
Best Option: Most of the cities, the best will come from taking a bus. You can consider the KTM train too, but I wouldn’t actually due to time. Pahang too on bus, since it only takes 2 hours from Kuantan to KL.


Terengganu and Kelantan, flying is more convenient and faster.


Ipoh: This I recommend the ETS Gold Train ticket by KTM. That one costs around RM 35 as well single, but gives you 1 hour and 30 minutes per trip.

Sabah and Sarawak:
You only have 2 options: Fly or take a boat (Erh… you know what, reverse that decision. Bila nak sampai naik kapal kot yer pun?)

The problem is, flights from KK are already around RM 300 plus, AT LEAST. For AirAsia even.
Malindo is slightly cheaper around 200 instead. So is Malaysia Airlines though. But wait, that’s Kuching.

Where do I stay Kyo?

The most convenient that I can recommend for you to stay is without a doubt, Berjaya Times Square Hotel. The event is just right underneath the damn hotel. Haha. However, if you are on a budget, here’s what I recommend based on Agoda.

Backpackers Hostels (These hostels and motels are DIRECTLY BEHIND BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE):

Hotel Paloma Inn
Beds range from RM 34 onwards for a night.

Irsia BnB Guesthouse
Beds range from RM 26 onwards.

Classic Inn Premium
Rooms range from RM101 onwards for Single room.


Slightly further but nicer Stays:
Ceria Hotel Bukit Bintang
Rooms range from RM 77 onwards

Along the row with the backpackers hostel and motels, you can also explore a bit more. Jalan Alor and Jalan Bukit Bintang also houses plenty of hotels and motels as well. But it depends on your budget as well.

Happy hunting guys and I will see you at the event! :D