PS4 Detroit Become Human (R3)

PS4 Detroit Become Human (R3)

  • RM22900

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Release Date: 25 May 2018.

Region: R3 Asian.

Contents: Game in a PS4 Blue case.

Tentative Price (14 May 2018): RM 229


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Kyo's Description on the Game:


While many were left wondering if we could get something as amazing as Heavy Rain or even Indigo Prophecy (We don't talk about Beyond Two Souls), we can only pray that Quantic Dream's latest delivers. So far it looks like it does. But, if I were to be unfair, it has to beat The Walking Dead Telltale series. Really.

Kalau korang minat game yang memang story based, ini game yang paling sesuai untuk korang lah. Pasal game dia bukannya apa pun, banyak kena buat pilihan. Tapi story setting tentang Android yang dapat "akal" pulak tetiba.


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