[PO] PS4 Resident Evil 2 Remake (R3)

[PO] PS4 Resident Evil 2 Remake (R3)

  • RM22900

Note: The price is tentative depending on the currency exchange fluctuations. If the price drops, then yay! You only need to pay RM 50 for preorder deposit.

Release Date: 25 January 2019

Region: R3 Asian.

Contents: Game in a PS4 Blue case.

Tentative Price (29 Oct 2018): RM 229


Free Postages for all preorders!

Kyo's Description on the Game:


I don't know how to tell you about Resident Evil II. Other than it being the game that jumped so many people's hearts out. And remains as one of the most beloved entries in the series. Featuring a redefinition of Leon, Claire, and even William, and some of the best lighting taken from RE 7, prepare yourself for a horror fest like no other.

Owh, the dog that jumped out of the window? They're replacing it with something else. What will it be? Wait and see.


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